The Company Culture: The Lincoln Electric Company

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The Lincoln Electric company has had, for many years, a very peculiar organizational culture which seems to fall in the Team and People oriented culture profile. Having these organizational characteristics means that the company places a lot of attention on customer and employee satisfaction. The pay packets and bonuses offered at Lincoln Electric are much higher than those offered at other, similar, companies. Also the working hours at Lincoln Electric are slightly less than those at organization offering similar products and services.

Mr. Lincoln was quite a religious man who had a bible related motto, notwithstanding, he never really tried imposing it on anybody at the company but when he implemented this motto the results were the positive shaping of the company 's culture. The
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There are also in-house promotional, educational and even Lincoln Electric stock buying opportunities. The chance to own small parts of the company helps employees understand how the company works and how profits or losses are made. Staff go about their tasks in a more responsible, no-time-wasting and conscientious manner. Workers know that if the company does well, it would remain in business; they would have a secure job, their salaries and benefits in addition to earnings through their Lincoln Electric stocks.

Lincoln Electric Company 's management behavior is that managers are there to support, assist and guide employees but since workers participate in educational courses to learn new and existing working techniques, managers are merely there to provide minor assistance to workers. Usually every staff member knows how to do their job and managers are there in a more supervisory role. Managers are given reasonable numbers of employees to be responsible for without overstretching their

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