The Chef Executive Model

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Sprint is a communication company that offers wireless technology to all consumers. Smartphones are the largest innovation within this century. A cell phone is able to perform many tasks that would require substantial amount of work and time. Also, it simplifies the user’s life almost in every aspect. Applications are program or software developed to simplified common life tasks, such as weight, sleeping patterns, information, calls etc. There is competition and many of it. There are three major communication industries within the country that spread internationally, Sprint is perceive as the third. Moreover, this paper will discuss the strategy alignment process and the critical components demanded for the company’s success.
The strategy
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Consequently, hierarchal management model is the structure administered for the organization. There are eight sales consultants, three technicians, one assistant manager and the store manager. Within those eight representatives there are two leaders who handle minor escalations. Moreover, subordinates are encouraged to report to superior any inconvenience they are experimenting with management, coworkers, or clients. The manager wants to ensure all employees are happy and proud to go to work in a daily basis. He follows the Hawthorne model; furthermore, as of right now the store is a monthly top …show more content…
Common social skills, positive attitude and open for feedback. It is a sales job, therefore, each month there are monthly targets to obtain. The company is committed to offer the best customer experience basing on common principals such as integrity, honesty and respect. Employees are responsible to provide detail information about the current transaction that has been performed. The systems company utilizes is a combination of mobile devices to process transaction right in there and stations where clients can sit and resolve issues about their service or product. The environment is friendly and appropriate music is played to generate a noise and a sense of entertainment and fun. People come over to the store and agents are responsible for offering red carpet service. There is diversity within the employees, the store is located in South Arizona, a vast majority of population is Hispanic, therefore Spanish is an additional skill that provides a better pay. Furthermore, the goal is to centralized employees into a habit and desire to go work.
Overall the employer employs many strategies and theories the course has discussed, the hierarchical management model, the alignment approach, Hawthorne theory and many others. The success of the store is proof of what the course discusses about companies and personal success. Communication is a critical element for any interaction with any person either personal or professional.

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