Cell Phone History

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A cell phones is a telephone that does not have wires, and operate by radio waves. The small compact portable device similar to the house phone, but portable. Cell phones is a smart new technology used in various ways to communicate. Cell phone itself has broaden the world with its high-speed communication, it enables users to travel the world , keep in contact with friends, and families, share fun moments like pictures, and videos, FaceTime, email, special hand control features, color screen, and downloadable apps. In the early 70’s cell phone was first introduced into the world as a satellite portable device. The small compact compass satellite works like any other cell phone, but is completely different from the other brand of cell phones. …show more content…
The Nokia phone reach the market around the peak of the 90’s. Nokia became the new trending popular cell phone to the point the satellite phone, and the brick phones fell off the market. Nokia phones were built so much smaller than a brick phone. The Nokia phone was a small compact device, you could slide anywhere; from your pant pockets, purse, and briefcases. I remember when my parents purchase my first phone, which was the Nokia. The Nokia 3340 was the best phone of all time in my eyes. I was able to text, and send cool smiley face emoji’s, and games to play. The most popular game on the no color screen was snake. I think that was everyone favorite game, if you had a Nokia phone. As time went on Nokia cell phones began to broaden with something new and cool about it. Beginning in the early 2000’s Nokia phones had color, and offered more features, like screensavers, multiple ringtones, and more games to play on the phone, Nokia flip phones, and the Nokia Qwerty keyboard. The Nokia Qwerty keyboard was very popular, being able to slide your phone up and down and have a mini keyboard was one of the best features about Nokia phones. Granted Nokia phones paved the way, and still the most popular portable device, but later marketers brought out Nextel Chirp. Chirp phones was the trending phone for a short period of time in the mid 2000’s. Chirp phones was just like the …show more content…
Marketers have changed the way we think of cell phones, when cell phones were first out, you was only allowed to talk, and later text. Today the universe upgraded from cell phones to the new term smart phones. The two most top smartphones of all time is the Android, Samsung Galaxy, and the I-phone. As we take a look back on how cell phones have evolved, we see the new smartphones are becoming the new mini computer. The new smart phones allows users the power of more talk time, longer text messages, emoji’s, downloaded apps, way more games with better HD, camera which evolved to 3D retina, Stylus, internet to handle all type of business on the go, FaceTime to share memorable moments, screenshots, thumb protection lock screen, Hand motion features to have complete control over your phone. Cell phone has really been the time of our universe and continue to evolve with more

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