Pest Analysis Of Verizon

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3. Environmental Assessment

Political Forces

Verizon must deal with politics at every level from local all the way up to federal authorities. Their business depends on cell towers to carry wireless signals. However, no one wants a cell tower in their backyard. So Verizon must navigate the permitting and zoning process at the local level to construct and maintain their cell towers. Verizon has obviously been very successful at this level of political forces because they have the largest network in the United States.

Beyond the local level of politics, Verizon must deal with state regulators in regards to billing plans and device costs. Additionally, distracted driving has become a hot button issue that many states now regulate.
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Everyone has a camera today just about everywhere. Today, many news stories and personal affairs that may have not been noticed in years gone by have been exposed by the proliferation of cameras. This has included everything from cheating spouses to police brutality and crooked politicians all being exposed due to the proliferation of cameras on cellular devices.

For better or worse mobile communications have even contributed to organizing society. Cellular communications have organized many flash mobs and political movements. Cellular communications have made it easier for people to organize and communicate than ever before.

Cellular devices have become so woven into the fabric of our society that they are considered a necessity today. There is a drawback to this immersion of cell phones into society. People now prefer to communicate over a cellular connection rather than talk face to face. This is leading to less human interaction and more impersonal communications. Also, so many features including games, cameras, etc. being packed into a handheld device is causing us to multitask more often and become distracted from our surroundings or the task at hand.
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For instance, two way radios are growing in popularity. Two way radios allow people to communicate with one another without the need for a cellular service provider. These devices are used primarily for short range communication. Additional technology alternatives to a cell phone include voice messaging services such as Skype. Skype has a key advantage over communicating by cell phone in that you can see a visual image of the person you’re speaking with in addition to hearing them. Although this technology is growing in popularity cellular services still offer features and reliability not matched by alternative

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