Teaching Elementary And Special Education Essays

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Why I want to teach Early Elementary and Special Education

One day, I will be a first grade teacher and also work with special education students on a daily basis. Many may ask me why I want to pursue this career given all the apparent downfalls that may arise. The answer to this is not as straight-forward as many would expect. It cannot be answered with one simple statement, there are countless reasons to become an educator that all change depending on who you may ask. For me, becoming an educator of the children of the younger generations is nothing short of rewarding. Having a degree in education is probably one of the most versatile jobs you can have, there will always be a need for teachers. Teaching elementary education is perfect, you get to have fun and be creative on a daily basis. As a family-orientated person, working in a school means you get weekends, holidays, and even snow days off. What can get better than that? Finally, growing up in a military household, my experience with elementary school was much different than most peoples. I will become an educator to right the wrongs that I have experienced throughout my time in grade school. I aspire to mold the young minds of society and instill a confidence in themselves to set them up for success in whichever path they choose to take in life. There is a plethora of jobs available to individuals with a teaching degree. Everywhere in the world will have a constant need for teachers, that is never going to change.…

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