What Is The Purpose Of Education Essay

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Having the knowledge on the content is imperative, although if you do not know how to communicate that knowledge than it would be useless to teach it to your students. The purpose of education is to help students in life, inspire them and educate their minds, and to create productive citizens. To allow them to form their own beliefs and facts and to form those beliefs. To help students figure out what they are good at and to help them with whatever their needs are to succeed.
The students should try to learn as much as thy can and soak up as much information as they can. The student’s role is to ask as many questions as they have so they know what they are learning about, to be an active thinker and listener and to help others when they are
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A set seating arrangement with the students and a list of where they are so if you have a sub come in they know exactly where they students should be seating. A teacher needs to set a strict learning environment. Teachers must first demand respect from students and then prove to them that he or she deserves that respect as well. It is important for the teacher to have that authority figure while respecting students and relating to them. Students should feel comfortable asking questions and to see the teacher as someone that cares and that they can trust. Having a good rapport and managing students engagement is an important factor. I feel that a system of how a student would ask for help is a good idea when it is quiet time in the class, so they would not interrupt the class. For example, I would use a peg system with red- for help, yellow- have a question, blue- lost and green- good to …show more content…
I know that I will be a caring, strong, and willing to work hard to be the best teacher that I can be. I will teach my students that they can accomplish things that they put their minds to and that they should not say that they can’t do something but that they can’t yet. Meaning that they will eventually get it with work and practice at what they want to accomplish. As a teacher you should never stop learning and continue striving to improve what you know. It is important to know that teaching is full of surprises and new situation and so one must be ready to adapt, react and discover new strategies. One thing that will always be true is that it is necessary to create a meaningful learning environment and to understand how to relate one’s knowledge to their

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