Target and Positioning Essay

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Targeting and Positioning the iPod There are many factors to consider when marketing a new or existing product. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are important when identifying the specific target market, examining the role that consumer behavior plays when applying basic marketing concepts, and examining the impact of purchase trends on consumer behavior. Internal and external influences on consumer behavior are all factors that must be considered when applying marketing strategies. Learning and memory theories are also factors considered when applying marketing strategies. In addition, strategies for
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The band’s latest album, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” came preloaded in all new iPod’s (Pfanner, 2004). Efforts like these will help to brand iPod on a worldwide basis.

IPod dominated the U.S. market with a 75-percent market share in 2005. Apple’s success in emerging markets like China and India has been limited but the potential for sales is immense. reported that the international market (270 percent) will outpace the U.S. market (170 percent). International users rely on free content provided by lower priced commodity music players, which conflicts with Apple’s effort to tie content to its iPod (MacNN, 2006). Apple must obtain demographic and psychographic data from overseas markets in order to capitalize on these countries that are experiencing unprecedented growth.

Technology Technology and globalization are interrelated. In fact, technology is one of the primary driving forces behind the trend. The world market has developed an insatiable appetite for all things technology and this trend has permeated all aspects of the market from the purchasing of products to the products themselves. This demand for new gadgets has propelled Apple’s iPod to superstar status, at least in the U.S. Modern day educators are taking notice of the impacts of technology on today’s youth. In addition to making the world feel smaller and more connected, it has captivated today’s youth. Downloading songs on

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