Taking the Chore Out of Holiday Shopping Essay example

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Taking the Chore Out of Holiday Shopping
By Donna Geary

Will the holiday shopper find what they are looking for quickly and easily in your store this season? According to a recent AC Neilson report, the number one customer motivator for selecting a retail store is the ease in finding what they need. Granted, many gift shoppers may not know exactly what they are looking for. That is – until your store ambience and impeccable merchandising stories inspire them. Or, perhaps your website can dish up some tantalizing suggestions that will send shoppers flocking to your location. Multi-channel influences are changing how customers shop and although on-line sales in the last year account for a mere 1% of the total dollars spent,
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Limit your theme to two or three colours, and remember that red and green are not the only holiday colours – this year, you can expect to see lots of blues and yellows, including gold.

Once you have determined your theme, stick with it and carry it through everything – your website, your advertising, your direct mail, your window and interior displays, your signing and your packaging, such as bags, boxes and ribbon.

Navigating the Store – Shoppability
What’s your store’s shoppability rating? Customer-focused retailers take time to plan the positioning of their fixtures, displays and merchandising for optimal store navigation and interest. Aisles should be unobstructed and allow for clear passage of customers using mobility aids, such as strollers, walkers and wheelchairs. Focal points, such as colourful merchandising stories, punched up with focused spot lighting should be positioned at the ends of aisles to entice the customer throughout the entire store. Studies have proven that the longer a customer spends in your store, the more purchases they will make. A good way for you to assess your store’s shoppability is to take the “Customer’s Shoes” tour.

Silent Selling - Impulsivity
Holiday shoppers visit retail stores for inspiring gift-giving ideas. Theming your unique merchandise presentations is another way to suggest the perfect items based on individual lifestyles, tastes and

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