Swot Analysis : ' Swot ' Essay example

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Summary of VARK Analysis

VARK is an instrument that helps to administer the effectiveness and quality of learning environment. According to Fleming, “Every type of learner has unique academic strengths and weaknesses,” (Fleming, 2011).VARK stands Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinesthetic. This is a type of learning style framework in which a learner who favors visual information will grasp easily through presented information through overheads, graphs, and pictures. The one that favors auditory will prefer listening to lectures, reading out loud and discussing the information presented. Reading learners prefers the written word and can learn fluently by reading or writing the information through dictation. Lastly, kinesthetic learners prefers learning by solving the problem by doing it themselves not watching somebody else doing it. Multimodal prefers uses all four styles of learning. This makes them very flexible and easily adapt than those with single learning style.

My Preference Learning Style

Upon completion of the VARK questionnaire, finding out for the first time that read/write learning style stood out was surprising to the author. But it does not mean the author cannot use other styles sometimes. This particular one stood. Score was 16.So they is no doubt about it that is it the strongest learning style for the author. It is very important to know the learning style because that`s the way someone can understand and remember…

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