Swot Analysis Of Burger King

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Burger King’s products encompasses a variety ranging from Whopper sandwiches, flame-grilled sandwiches, desserts, sides and beverages along with breakfast and kids meal. BK is mainly known for its famous signature whoppers made with beef. But significantly in the past years they have evolved and introduced healthier burgers like veggie, fish and chicken burgers as well.
BK in contrast with its competitors is charging high on its burgers, where McDonalds has an edge over price, and according to customers BK is expensive, which is again a challenge for BK. Keeping this in view BK has launched pocket friendly deals within the customers’ purchase ability considering the customer can rather buy a hamburger deal in same price of small pizza.
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BK adopted a differentiation strategy to attract wider customer segments and launched XBOX three “action and adventure with King” racing game in collaboration with Microsoft, moreover they’ve sponsored NASCAR U.S’s most admired sport in 2007. BK uses varied media campaigns to communicate with its customers. Simpsonizeme.com is another big example of how BK reported half million website hit with customers converting 25 million photos into simpsonized versions of them.
However BK has extensively used diverse promotional strategies, currently television and news articles provide complimentary promotion coverage for burger king’s launch in Pakistan. Media supported and placed BK’s franchise owners and managers in limelight, creating both awareness and attraction for the customers.
Moreover in Pakistan BK is currently using social media extensively to communicate messages regarding new menu additions and franchise launch. Some of its current promotional campaigns are listed below:
• At the time of its launch, they offered surprise free upsize meals.
• Royal Ramadan promotional
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BK has segment its market in different groups that include Adult to appeal offering them quality whole-chicken breast fillets, Angus beef, Flame frilled, Steak burgers; super fans are males in age group of 18-49 include this group eating fast food up to 16 times a month; other segments include on-the-go parents and commuters BK have chicken fries specially introduced for them.
BK has launched its veggie burger in 2002, targeting health conscious females, as a strategy to reduce biasness provoked through its super fans.
Children constitute a part of BK’s target market, with special “kids’ club meal” segmented further into three segments including toddlers, kids and teens.
Excellence in operations is primary focus at BK, aiming to deliver the promise, but over deliver to create customer delight. BK offers food delivery training program to develop its delivery and restaurant staff to deliver superior experience. Other processes

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