Sun Devil Story Reflection

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It’s unbelievable how fast this semester went by, I can still see myself all anxious and thrilled to start the next chapter in my life. Only now to realize there’s one week left in this semester. Overall this semester was quite successful, I learned some crucial new skills in order to efficiently and successfully get me through this semester. Analyzing my “Sun Devil Story” I noticed some of my answers have changed throughout this semester while others have stayed the same. Over the course of this semester I learned three insights about myself that assisted me throughout my classes. The first one is I tend to procrastinate, so in order to prevent doing assignments last minute I started inserting my assignments on my calendar on my phone and …show more content…
Before this course I had no idea how to use a spread sheet or even what a database consisted of, now thanks to this course I can say I’m an intermediate user in both software’s. What really fascinated me about an excel spread sheet is how it analysis “what if” scenarios and how it can be used in order to efficiently keep track of sales and important information. A class that I’m excited to take next semester is ECN 211 Macroeconomic Principles, as a finance major I have to be very well informed of economics and I think this course will give me a very good insight. What I’m most proud of this semester is how I managed to successfully balance my classes, assignments, part time job and my social life. Navigating through all this helped me improve my time management skills, I learned to use my time in between classes efficiently by working on my assignments or reading chapters from my textbooks. I also set time aside after work to work on my assignments and set a goal to finish most or all of my assignments before the weekend so I can go out and enjoy myself rather than worrying about deadlines I need to

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