Summary : ' Footprints On Our Hearts ' Essay examples

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Footprints on Our Hearts My husband and I were walking down 2nd street in Long Beach one Saturday with our Husky Kaya and Labrador Kaylee when I noticed a young girl and her mother walking towards us. The young girls ' eyes were full of excitement as she saw our dogs and began to run towards us. I watched as her mom yelled for her to stop and could see the dismay and anxiety in her eyes as she watched her daughter running towards us. The girl stopped and slowly walked back to her mom and after a minute or so the mother came up to us and asked if her daughter could pet Kaylee and if Kaya was friendly. As she did so, Kaya jumped playfully towards the small girl and began to lick her hand as Kaylee backed away behind my husband and growled. The fact that people would assume labs our friendlier dogs than huskies does not surprise me, but my dogs do not fit that stereotype. I love my dogs equally and could never pick one over the other, but Kaya 's spunky personality and unwavering good health make her an easier dog to own. A dog 's personality, much like humans, makes them who they are and different personalities can make dogs easier or difficult to care for. My husky Kaya is completely friendly with everyone and anyone she meets. She will jump on every person she sees, licks them death, and wants to play with people constantly until the next one comes along. On the other hand, when my lab Kaylee sees people she darts behind me, out the door, or under the closest table…

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