Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of A Dog

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Growing up dogs have always been around me, and we’ve had many dogs, and a few cats, over the years. Here 's the stories of a few.
The first dog I ever met was Shala. She was a chow chow mix and my mother’s dog a long time before I was born. She was the sweetest dog you’d ever meet, though I was young when we had her so I don 't remember much. When we moved out to New Mexico in 2004 she came with me and my mom, which must 've really been hard for both of them since we were driving from florida. While my dad was still working in Florida and trying to sell the house he would video chat with her and she’d bark and wine. Around 2006 she had a bad hip and was half blind and deaf but still such a great dog. Then one saturday morning I woke to find out she had been hit by a truck chasing dogs out. It really hurt me but it must 've been worse for my mom, we buried her outside of my grandma’s house, surrounded by trees.
During the time we had Shala we picked up another puppy from a shelter, while all the other dogs were barking and jumping she sat at the end quietly, just smiling a dog smile, she had already been named Shasha. We ended up getting her that day, little did we know we were being deceived. After we got her home it turned out that she was a pretty active dog and got along great with Shala. Though it
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He was smaller than both the girls, being a cattle dog as opposed to a shepard. When we had gotten him they said he had strep and no medication was helping, while a little after we got him home it turned out that he just had a sensitive neck and was pulling too hard against his collar. He was trouble house training, he would pee on the bookshelves and get too excited and bite people. After a few years, some training, and age he’s really gotten better. Though after losing a few other dogs he’s gotten really mellow and almost brooding, but he’s bouncing

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