Personal Narrative: The Dog Who Showed Me What I Love

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The Dog Who Showed Me What I Love

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend never had a dog -anon”

Most people probably don’t find there passion through a dog, however I did. I met stella when I was - years old and in - grade. It was around 2:30 in the afternoon and I had just gotten home from school. It was one of the hottest days I had seen. Sweat slowly rolled of the tip of my nose and landed in a big puddle on my shirt. I decided since it was to hot to do anything without being miserable I would simply take a long cat nap. As I was asleep my mom and my moms best friends son, Devin sneaked into the room as quiet as mice or maybe not, after all I am a very heavy sleeper. I started to feel cold wet slobber being smeared on my face I simply ignored this feeling and wiped my face with the smooth backside of my hand I
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I began entering contest on different websites my first year I won 10 contest and entered around 25. Every time I would win I would make sure to tell Stella all about it. I continued to enter contest until around 6th grade when I got a little more busy and stopped but I of coursed continued to take pictures. I still take pictures today and enjoy doing it and most importantly I still take pictures of Stella. I will always remember her as the dog that helped me find my passion. Most people don’t get to say that and I am extremely glad that I do. I know there are dogs that save lives and do much more important things then look cute on camera but from my point of view that is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me personally. I know it may sound weird but I honestly think very one should thank there pets. I also think very one should have a pet. I have found they can do much greater things than we as humans can, they are also great listeners. Overall I am so thankful to be blessed with such a wonder dog, best friend, and

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