All Dogs Go To Jevin Analysis

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All Dogs Go to Kevin
All Dogs Go To Kevin, is a memoir written by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang that shares her journey from being an awkward middle school student to becoming a successful veterinarian, and how all of her pets helped her along the way. In the beginning Jessica is in middle and is severely bullied by several of her classmates, but she always has one loyal supporter: her dog Taffy. Taffy inspires her to pursue a Veterinary degree instead of a Medical degree as she had originally planned. After Taffy there are many other dogs, and one cat, who help Jessica through her life. In the memoir Dr. Vogelsang keeps the reader captivated until the very end, and is a must read for any pet lover or future veterinarian.
The author makes a point
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The dialogue in the story is naturally humorous and gives people an inside look inside of Jessica’s thoughts and emotions. When Jessica begins applying to Pre-Medical programs one application asked about what kind of doctor she would like to be and why. She immediately thought, “a neurosurgeon … choosing a specialty where the patient would be unconscious … had an appeal” (Vogelsang 20). Years later, when Jessica made it into Veterinary school her class was allowed to socialize in the formerly closed school barn. She liked the barn, but didn’t understand until later why they got to use it. When she found out she was shocked, “the reason it was deeded to the veterinary students was that the barn had bats and we were the only ones guaranteed to have a rabies vaccination” (Vogelsang 45). Near the end of the story when Jessica is explaining what happened to their deceased family dog, her young children misunderstand her message that their dog went to Heaven; her son said, “She’s going to Kevin” (Vogelsang 308). This simple statement brings light to the topic of their beloved pet’s passing.
I sincerely recommend this memoir to everyone, especially animal lovers. Anyone who has ever had a pet will understand the wonderful messages in the story. The story ultimately is about the love and loyalty that pets bring into the lives of their owners. The memoir seamlessly mixes the humor-filled moments, with the

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