Bob The Dog Analysis

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In many ways a dog can be your best friend, they are there for us in our worst times and our best times, they will be our biggest supporter, and they’ll always forgive you for getting angry at them when they made a mistake. There are those certain type of breeds in dogs that have a bad reputation for being aggressive, but what I believe is that it doesn’t matter what breed or gender of the dog, just as long as you love him or her they will unconditionally love us back. “Bob The Dog” was a very relatable narrative that presented someone else going through basically the equivalent to what I went through. Some people take advantage of dogs and just call them dogs, but I love dogs and I call them my family.
The story “Bob The Dog” is a narrative
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He even figured out how to open the refrigerator. One night we found him cheerfully seated in the corner opposite the fridge, doing doggie equivalent of a similie and wave, several inches from an empty styrofoam steak tray and a piece of plastic that had once held a giant block of cheddar cheese” (Maroke, 117) . This passage reminded me of a time when my mom and I caught toby opening the pantry and going through a package of oreo’s and doritos ranch chips. We were livid at him, but I gave him some slack due to the fact i’ve never seen such an intelligent puppy that could open a heavy pantry door in my …show more content…
Toby was my first dog and I didn’t quite know how to raise a dog, or fully understand the companionship a dog would bring me. At first I didn’t want anything to do with toby, i was scared, and trying figure him out. There was this time when toby walked up to me, and I was scared, then he put both of his paws on chest and started licking me. Little did I know that this was the start of my love for dogs, and the beginning of toby’s and mine friendship. I eventually ended up getting another dog from the Humane Society, he was a puppy german shepherd mixed with akita and I named him Eli. I was still partial towards toby, but watching young eli play reminded me so much of the younger version of my best friend. Eli and toby grew a close relationship, and toby taught eli how to be a smart,loving, good dog .The absence of toby in my life is an unfillable void that I will forever keep trying to fill. He was more than just a dog he was

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