Success Is Important For A Person Essay example

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Success is important to a person. It helps boost self esteem, and makes a sense of respect for yourself. Success can also be a grueling process. To become successful in adulthood, you have to do well in college. The college degree that you receive will be your ticket into success, but not without being extremely stressed and anxious. Knowing exceptional study habits and ways to deal with your stress can make your college experience much easier and can also make a student more successful.
Study habits are one of the most important qualities you should have in college. Making a time to study is an important part to making good study habits. Not only should you make a time to study, but you should stick to your schedule. In my experience, you should never study sporadically because then you will not retain the information as well as you would if you stuck to your schedule. This skill helped improve my homework performance and my test grades. Another skill you should use close reading. Close reading is when you analyze, annotate, and pick out all the useful information out of the text. I have recently found out this is an important part of note taking as well. To be successful on quizzes and tests, you need to have excellent notes to make sure you can study and learn all of the important information. One way to be able to get the most out of your notes is to color code them. I know that might sound like a dumb idea, but it aids in making certain information stand out from each…

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