How To Go To College Essay

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After a successful completion of high school student begin to ask there what 's the next step in life should I go to college or just become a worker. Some might be pressured into going to college by family and friend or have their on say with there future. College can be the most expensive and time consuming decision one can make. As we look at millionaires and wealth people with little education we wonder if college necessary to live a wealthy life style . Pressured into debt some might say. For billionaires like Donald Trump and others they don’t think it 's a need to become wealthy but an accomplishment.
Education can be important. Why? Because it creates good habits, you have to wake up on time, bring proper items to class as well as complete your work. It 's similar to work but one thing school doesn’t teach you is how to make money on your own. It only
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Most older folks really don’t understand the education system today. It 's ran by the government and for the government. If there weren 't so much involved college would be much cheaper. They created student loans for any student to get it even a music major. Some may agree that there is defiantly pressure on us from family and the economy we live in today. The increase in living goes up and the only way most people can survive is work more or go to college but what happens when student go to college and cant find a job. This weight is left on them there family, the ones that pressured them in going into college.
In the longer term education can rewarding and is something that you cant go without. Anyone should go to college if they can afford it. In American some think that four year are worshiped but two year degrees aren 't. The money you sometimes isn 't based of how many years you complete but what trait you’ve taken up and mastered, the kind of education

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