Study Objectives And The Home Company Essay

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Founded in 1993, a vision was brought upon five entrepreneurs. Their names are Greg Provenzano, Tony Cupisz, Mike Cupisz, and Robert Stevanovski, and Onur Edipov. We were tired of working for others and decided to change our lives forever. We started a company called ACN, (American Communications Network) everyone with a business mind set has one goal, and to work for something by they want to be part of. How can you do that? Simple! Create your own company.

In the beginning, ACN was only working with helping customers by reselling long distance services in the U.S and over time we expanded to over 25 countries and we offer all the essential services customers already use. At ACN, Independent Business Owners simply offer the services that people are spending money on which includes phone service, wireless, natural gas and electricity, merchant services, high-speed Internet, TV, home security, automation and more. You’ll never have to convince someone to purchase products they don’t need or can’t afford. We are the world’s largest in direct seller for energy, telecommunications, and essential services for business and homes.
How do we do this? In the U.S, we acquire the right to redistribute these services because we take advantage of the deregulation of the U.S telecommunications and energy markets. A regulated service is a service where the prices remain regulated by the utility or government. This also means…

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