Studer International Essay

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Case Study: Studer International Like many other companies reeling from the economic crisis, Studer International found itself trying to stay afloat and save the company from bankruptcy. Stemming from a late night meeting it was affirmed that the company was going to have to maintain strong leadership in order to get through layoffs and rally employee morale (Daft, 2011). The morning after the meeting, Dean Adams learned that a key manager, Sue Chan, had resigned from her post as chief security analyst. Adams’ boss told him that it was critical that they keep key managers in place as they weather the storm and if Studer lost any, be sure to replace them with ones who can handle the stress and make tough and unpopular decisions …show more content…
Managers need the skills to carry out the vision and will have to carry out not so popular decisions. On the opposite spectrum, not being nice does not give a leader the green light to be mean. Neither one of these terms are associated with being a quality leader. The keys to a quality leader are balance and versatility; to apply the most appropriate behavior necessary to carry out the organization’s goal (Riordan, 2011). A leader must remain authentic but take the most appropriate actions for his leadership situation (Riordan, 2011).
Studer International is in a tough situation with a rough road to recovery and in order to take the company in the direction it needs to go, key leaders not only need certain leadership skills but also management skills in order to carry out the next phase in the company’s life. While Julie Cobb has some really good leadership skills, she lacks the ability to make tough decisions and hesitates in confrontational situations. It is in my opinion that she would not make a good candidate for the open position of chief security analyst because of those shortfalls. Unfortunately, Julie Cobb has positioned herself as a people pleaser which I have clearly proven is not effective in a key leadership role.

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