Laissez-Faire Leadership Style Analysis

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The laissez-faire leadership style characteristic is to be more uninvolved and allows the group to make decisions, versus the autocratic leader is one who enjoys control and takes little advice from the group. As a leader, I can also see characteristics of myself in both of those leadership styles, but the democratic style is the best fit. The democratic leadership style seems to be a mix of both of the other two styles because I do enjoy being the one who makes the final decision, but I do not like making decisions without a group consensus.
Personal leadership style. I am the type of leader who wants to make decisions that effects everyone in a positive way while gaining the best results. I believe democratic leaders have the best outcomes because they do not make rash decisions, they put thought into their ideas which I find fundamental. In leadership situations I try to give everyone their independence, but ultimately I know the end result falls back on me so I constantly make sure everyone is on the page. As a leader, I find
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Being in a leadership role you have a lot of responsibilities and people depend on you. As a leader people look at you as a mentor. Even though some people might not have the best ideas, as a leader my job would be to help them incorporate ways to make their idea work or explain why it does not work. As a NP, I am sure there will be times that patients think they know “what is best for them” or they may not like the advice I give them. In situations like this, being patient and taking time to explain things to the patient is important. You have to let the patient express what they are feeling, but ultimately be honest as a provider and patient advocate. Being able to build a therapeutic relationship with patients will help when it comes to making important decisions in planning patients

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