Students Who Use Counseling Are New For Mental Health Disorder

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the students who use counseling are new to mental health disorder often have additional challenges with transitioning to college or university life” (Douce, A. L. & Keeling, P.R. 2014, p.4). Many institutions are struggling to cope with the realization that mental illness is a bona-fide problem and there appears to be no end in sight on college campuses. Studies have concluded, “Students with higher test anxiety, lower academic self-efficacy, and less effective time management and use of study resources” (Kitzrow, A.M. 2003, p. 170). Help and Additional Resources

Today’s, college institutions are faced with a wide range of responsibilities and expectations from the stakeholders, staff and the community itself. The demands, are challenging and sometimes very long, oftentimes many go unmet based on the number of expectations. Therefore, addressing the many concerns regarding mental health issues on campus is a difficult task within itself. However, institutions should find some comfort knowing there are various resources available today, which further promote and encourage solutions to addressing mental illness concerns on campus. “All stakeholders must recognize the importance of mental health awareness, education, and treatment. Likewise, a committee comprised of stakeholders should convene periodically to discuss campus programs and funding. In addition, there must be a rapid response and students must be offered immediate access to mental…

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