Essay on Strengths of the Us Healthcare System

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US Health Care Systems Strengths
Tiara McDaniel
American Intercontinental University
January 27, 2013

There is an opinion amid several Americans that regardless of coverage, price and other difficulties in the health care system, the eminence of health care in the United States is more superior than it is anyplace else in the world and there is a possibility that it may be threatened by restructuring of health care by President Obama. In addition to that, an article on Thomason Reuters, states that fifty-five percent of US citizens that was surveyed last year said claimed that American patients in American are provided with better care that people in other countries, but only forty-five percent of the
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In Comparison
As citizens here in the United States we are in a constant struggle with what is right and wrong in our world of health care, some countries seem as if they have it all together or at least a good health system going. This paper discusses the health care system of Italy and the other country is France.
Italy and USA Healthcare Systems
While analyzing health care in Italy it seems like they have a decent system going on. Here in the states we have the no child left behind act in schools, Italy has something similar they have a no one left behind system for health care. As a citizen in Italy you must maintain health coverage, whether it is private or nationwide. After you have been registered for health care, you are then given a health care card and number, this way you will be able to receive free medical visits in Italy. In spite of being both wealthy, developed countries, Italy and the United States have completely different approaches to health care.
Italy has an unrestricted, reinforced by the tax income, as well as a thriving private insurance market which is becoming a typical top up to the public "mutua". (WHO, 2008) In America, the public attention is imperfect to Medicare, and the private sector is the primary provider of health coverage

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