Health Insurance Research Papers

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In the United States many people don’t have health insurance. Health care reform is one of the top argument in our country. Most people see having a health insurance lead to a healthier life, but most of the people cannot afford it. Increasing price of doctor bills and prescription drugs causes to millions of people unable to get health coverage. People lost their jobs and houses because of the high price they have to pay for their illness. People never know when something might happen to them, so everyone should have health insurance. Whenever something bad occurs, we should not worry about how much it will cost because it is a matter of our life. Although some people think that health insurance shouldn’t be required due to its high price, health insurance should be required for all the United States citizens because it saves peoples’ lives, and people have less sickness.
When everyone has health insurance, it can save lots of peoples’ lives. At the right time, people can cure their illnesses.
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They can also live longer. People can spend more time with their family members and live happily. According to “Life (Insurance) After HIV,” the author highlights this point: “He was prepared for the possibility that his HIV status might make him ineligible for even a group plan, but he was unprepared for what happened the moment he revealed his status to the employer 's insurance broker (Senzee 42).” My mom had surgery last year in October. Though she had health insurance, she still had to pay for her medical bills. We didn’t have enough money at that time, and we could have lost our house because of not having enough money. My dad somehow managed to get money from our family members. It can happen to anyone out there. It was one of the worst moment of my life because she wasn’t able get up from her bed for so many days. My whole family members had take care of her for many

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