Strengths Of The Lion

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Out of my choices for animals, i pick the lion for my strengths and the retriever for my weaknesses. I picked the lion since i am very independent and tend to be the leader on different group activities, plus i've productive and strong willed. I choose the retrieval since i do procrastinate and i'm indecisive and unmotivated about certain topics. Out of these two animals i think i'm more like the lion on the topics of environment and pace.
The first person i asked for their opinion for was my grandmother. She stated that the lion most closely resembled me due to the fact that i have displayed these traits since early childhood and also the fact that i am generally bothered by the same things as the Lion. She also told me that i displayed the some of the same weaknesses as the golden retriever being i procrastinate, along with can be fearful and indecisive. She also made it a point that i
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It says practical, productive, independent and a leader. I know i am very independent and Natural leader, but in reality, no matter how much i want it to be real, i'm not always productive and practical. The words my dad choose really opened up my eyes that i am more like the otter than i care to admit. I do like to mess around and put things off but i do get the job done. So in that i Belive me and my grandmother were wrong. Now for weakness i choose the Golden retriever not necessary for the fact that it's 100% true, i am selfish, a procrastinator, but mostly because all the other ones just by the words are very cruel and i don't want that to represent me. With all the answer that were given too me, I think my dad is right, everything he said is true about me, again, weather i want to admit it or not, and i also believe that my Aunt was right in her thought process just not the animal she picked. She did think the same things as my Dad just put the wrong label on

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