Shiseidon Interview Research Paper

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After the previous success of our interview with Persephone, we were requested to interview Poseidon. We sent our reporter in to get the scoop.

I was by the Jersey Shore carefully following directions to where Poseidon was to meet me. He said that it was a “sacred sacrificial ground for prisoners of war.” It seemed to be a normal section of restaurants by the shore but I had hope. When I finally made my last turn and I saw the sacred ground. A fish stick stand. On the bench by the fish stich stand was a young man with black surfer’s haircut, a Bahamas shirt and shorts, a tan lithe figure, and ocean blue eyes. The man held a trident and I had a feeling this was Poseidon. “I’m the great god Poseidon are you the reporter I’m supposed to meet
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He gave me a look as if I was insane. I was certain it would be a sea creature but I was wrong.
A: My favorite animal is the horse. If you remember from a myth I created the horse and I hold it very dear to me. It is probably the same way you love a pet or even child. It was life that I had created.

Q: Is eating fish cannibalism?
Poseidon had trouble figuring this one out he sat stumped on the bench for at least 5 minutes until he found the answer he was looking for.
A: Yes and No. Yes, because like most humans, fish can communicate with my own kind and we understand as if we spoke the same language. Though no since we technically aren’t the same creature. Though some people are much like your vegetarians and choose not to eat meat, or for us fish. Though think of it as if more people are vegetarians.

Q: What advice do you give to your brothers?
Hearing how he thinks of them I doubt he gives them any good advice. I haven’t seen my sister in years so
A: Well my brother’s take themselves way too seriously. Have you seen Hades? He works himself to death while Zeus’s work is piles itself to the sky. I always tell them to relax for a bit and take life slowly. You may never die but we will only be in this time period once so we should enjoy it. I do this since I go with the

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