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In this paper, I will discuss my best-self portrait which indicates my strengths/weaknesses and translate into proactive steps for my future life based on the Reflected Best Self ExerciseTM (RBSETM). At first, I requested twenty potential respondents to share stories of when I was at my best, and collected twenty-five stories from seventeen respondents. Then, I created my reflected best-self portrait by analyzing shared stories. Following that, I listed enablers and blockers and created an action plan to make a positive impact on my life.

Phase 1: Creating the Reflected Best-Self Portrait:
I looked back on my life and selected twenty potential respondents, including my family members, friends from junior high school, high school
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I strongly agreed with these patterns and themes because they highly matched up to my own sense of self. (I was only surprised that some of the respondents viewed “Receptivity” as my strength because I thought my capacity of receptivity was low.)
Based on my personal analysis and these feedbacks, I created a reflected best-self portrait as below. “When I am at my best, I try to plan and organize introducing something new by involving others and expressing my opinion even in difficult situations. I believe in not following old ways simply but thinking by myself and trying new ways. Also, I am enthusiastic about thinking for myself, expressing own opinion which should be expressed, not compromising easily. At the same time, I can concentrate and be patient under physical and psychological tough
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Longer term, I will establish myself as an incubator who can take technology seeds and create new businesses out of them. To achieve these visions, I know I am my best self when I work with potential teammates and try something new with broad discretions. To acquire these situations, I need to create opportunities by myself, and persuade and attract others with my skills, experiences, and valuable networks. Valuable networks will help me a lot in my future life. However, I sometimes hesitated to dive into new networks and mixers so far. By considering RBSETM analyses, I will participate the New Venture Competition mixer next week and other mixers held at the COVE, collaborate with classmates through classes, competitions, club activities, and private activities before graduation, and keep connections with key people in Panasonic, such as branch managers, in every quarter. These networks will be good resources to execute my

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