Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mazzetti's

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We have assessed Mazzetti’s current competitive strategy in the market. Some of their strengths include their well-established presence in the local community, their customizable services for specialty items, and their retention/consistency of their employees. Their brand is their greatest strength, but suffers to their lack of marketing. Without consistent marketing efforts, Mazzetti’s is unable to compete with others for the attraction of customers. Another weakness is their size and location. Not only are they physically limited to the amount of goods they can bake but are restricted geographically to the city of Pacifica. Their most reviewed item, the Derby Cake, requires refrigeration and limits the range the cake can travel without …show more content…
Through partnerships and co-branding they can increase their brand awareness. Currently they provide fresh baked bread for the Roxie food truck and restaurants like Masa and Paisanos in Pacifica. They can easily market their brand by having these food establishments advertise their partnership with a sticker or logo on the menu stating “Fresh bread baked daily by Mazzetti’s Bakery”. As mentioned previously as a weakness, their size and location is another opportunity to grow physically and geographically. Located next to a sketchy spa service, Mazzetti’s is looking to take over their neighbor to increase their space in the bakery. They may also look into expanding into a different city, spreading their brand outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. As seen with many other food establishments, food trucks have become more popular within the last 5 years. Already offering delivery services for their wedding cakes, they could use a food truck as a quick method of expansion to sell their product. For example, driving the truck into surrounding cities will allow potential customers to sample products, create brand awareness, and further expand their

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