Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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Register to read the introduction… By calculating an ROI for the program, Kudler Fine Foods can determine further endeavors and investments and other marketing strategies that could potentially retain their customer base and growth of their company. Measuring success will need to include reports that will be generated and created with a defined database system that will track shopping frequency, customer activity and trends, and each time a customer takes a survey, or completes a transaction. If final reports indicate that customers are repeatedly purchasing a greater number and variety of products, Kudler Fine Foods can increase their marketing base and sell additional products to an extended customer base.

Kudler Fine Foods’ Frequent Shopper Program will create the potential to increase interest in the company’s products, services, and online web site, while subsequently building partnerships with other businesses in the local area and community. With the development of a detailed and legal membership agreement, privacy policy, and security statement, customers can feel secure and comfortable with purchasing items from Kudlers, which in return, will increase the frequency of shopping activity and create loyal long term

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