Fred Meyer's Store: The Case Of Fred G. Meyers Store

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Fred Meyers store originally started by a man named Fred G. Meyer and he was a 22 year old that came from Portland, Oregon in 1908. He started a business selling coffee out of his horse-drawn cart from the hard working fielders to the lumber camps. He would watch and listen to his customers, and was planning to start a whole completely different new kind of store. He opened his first store in 1922 in Portland, Oregon at the corner of SW 5th & Yamhill. He placed all the groceries, clothes, and many other things you would normally have to go to several stores to get. He put an expert in charge at each department and called it one stop shopping. The board of directors is requesting a report on customer service.
The Fred Meyers location on Johnson Creek Blvd. has been going through a remodel and is the target of the invitation. several entrances and allowed for several different experience as a secret
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It was open and had low security. The cashiers where chatting and failed to greet me. I asked a floor employee if she had a few moments to talk about the remodel. She said in her experience with the customers they have been patiently waiting for a remodel for years. Some customer’s reacted with negative comments because they do not like change and were happy the way it was before. She also told me she would point out the benefits of the changes to her customers with concerns about the changes. She also said that it made the employees happier to be in a better environment to work in. they seemed more organized and had room to work. She has seen all the changes and said that the management has done a good job in the training and transitioning in the remodel. Hiring the people to fill positons and not let their customer service decrease because of their growth. I thanked her for taking the time to talk to me and told her how much I enjoyed talking with her. She was very nice and excited to talk to

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