Nutrition Case Study: Fred Meyers Store

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Fred Meyers store originally started by a man named Fred G. Meyer and he was a 22 year old that came from Portland, Oregon in 1908. He started a business selling coffee out of his horse-drawn cart from the hard working fielders to the lumber camps. He would watch and listen to his customers, and was planning to start a whole completely different new kind of store. He opened his first store in 1922 in Portland, Oregon at the corner of SW 5th & Yamhill. He placed all the groceries, clothes, and many other things you would normally have to go to several stores to get. He put an expert in charge at each department and called it one stop shopping. The board of directors is requesting a report on customer service.
The Fred Meyers location on Johnson
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Then asked if the customers are happy and satisfied with the nutrition area? He stated they are very satisfied and if there is ever anything that isn’t here, they can fill out a request form at the customer service desk to see if they could get that product in for them. Mayo has been with the company for a few years now and loves his job. He stated he loves helping people with nutrition, he is all about nutritional products and he strongly believes in most of the products they sell. He also stated if there is anything he isn’t familiar with, he could just look it up and give the nutritional values it carries or any other information that the customer is needing. Mayo stated the department has quite a few customers interested in his department, he said there are a few regulars that come in a couple times a week. One other question for Mayo, how is the updating affecting the customers? With all the construction and moving things around? Does this discourage customers away or does it seem to be the same? He assured me that the customers seem to be ok with the remodeling of the store and are a little frustrated only because there are relocated items they need to adjust to, but seem to be adjusting well and are excited mostly to see the location with its new …show more content…
They seem to be very engaging with the customer and listen to their needs, as they express a calm politeness in inventively listening to the customer and answering appropriately. While walking through the store, looking around in various areas of the store, it seemed calm and satisfying. They seem to have a very nice team working this hourly shift that was evaluated. Further research was done by their website This site seemed efficient in the way this store was

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