Strengths And Weaknesses Of Jollibee

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One of the strengths of Jollibee is their product that is local styled food catered to the Filipino’s preferences. They are constantly adding its product range on top of their popular favorites menu in order to allow its local customers to experience the traditional Filipino way of having local flavored taste in a comfortable eating. Another strength of Jollibee is their location. They instill in the minds of their consumers a place where they could enjoy eating fast foods and they price their products according to the purchasing power of their target market, making it to be valuable to many consumers. Their weakness is that they lack of supply of chicken to be served to their customers because of the delays of their suppliers. Sanitation is also one of the major problem of
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They began to open branches in some parts of Metro Manila. Their product is perfect for budget conscious because their price is less than a hundred pesos. Weakness is that it lacks promotion.
Manang’s Chicken
Manang’s Chicken is a double-fried crispy with sweet/spicy Filipino sauce. Their strength is that their product is suitable for the Filipino taste. They continuously open their branches in the Philippines. Their physical store cannot accommodate large people.
Chicken ZIlla
They offer 8 flavors and they also have a big serving that is as huge as a face of a person. They price their product that is affordable to their target customer and they promote through online websites like FB and Instagrams. Their weakness is that they lack of advertising.
They offer a menu packed with tastefully prepared variants like the popular lechon manok and lechon liempo. They have an affordable menu and they also offer unlimited rice. They provide ambiance that is perfect for a get together. Weakness is they lack promotion and have a low number of franchise because of their intense competition to Mang

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