Stop The Violence, Don 't Speed Essay

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Stop the violence, don’t speed
The Ecovia ad, stop the violence, published in December 2012 is from Brazil displays an image of a woman with a yellow car painted in her cheek, and the left of the woman is a man’s forearm with a red truck painted on the man’s fist. The image portrays the man striking the woman’s chin in an uppercut motion. As the man’s fist is striking the woman’s chin, the image of the red truck on the man’s fist and the image of the yellow car on the woman’s face depict a head-on collision of the two painted vehicles. Below this scene are the words, “Stop the Violence, don’t speed”, and an Ecovia logo in the lower right hand corner of the ad with black background. Art directed by Guilherme Rubini with creative direction by Ricardo Gandolfi, the Ecovia don’t speed ad was illustrated by Cintia Suzuki and shot by Ernst Photography.
The Ecovia “Stop the Violence” advertisement tries to display car accidents as physical fights. It takes a completely different route to warn people about the danger of speeding while driving and encourages drivers to drive safely. It 's no secret that teen drivers are at greater risk for accidents than older adults — four times greater. They also don 't have a good sense of how a car 's speed can affect their response time. The intended audience for this advertisement would be best targeted at drivers between the ages of 16 to 30. A 2005 study by the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., found that teens drive an…

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