Isabel Evans

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Social media has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world of technology. Where would society stand without social media today? In Isabel H. Evans’ article “Head in the (Instagrammed) Clouds”, she states a common international problem: the overuse of social media. Evans indicates that online sites are a distraction and are taking over daily routine. She argues that although she uses Twitter and Facebook herself, sites like those are a waste of time. She justifies her argument by mentioning that social media is a distraction, can alter one's ego and can even be dangerous at times. Evans creates evidence by using personal references, previous encounters, and observations. Although she also mentions that social media is helpful, …show more content…
Her use of personal experiences are an effective way to connect with her audience since she mentions scenarios many can relate to, such as “being in painfully boring situations”. Although social media helps get connected with others, Evans states that she is not connecting with friends feet around her. This statement debilitates her argument because she mentions social media is a beneficial way to interact with others in her essay too. During another occasion, she mentioned that after the Boston bombing caused a lockdown on her campus, she was checking her phone for news instead of relying on CNN. Although she makes a point that social media offers quicker and more concise news to their audience, this statement counteracts the argument since she is arguing that social media is a distraction, but it was convenient during her …show more content…
This is effective because it forms connections between the writer and audience. For example, her first sentence, “We’ve all experienced it- the satisfaction, the glee, the triumph”, is an effective use of pathos because she uses the word “we” to connect with her audience then mentions the contentment social media can create. Evans also connects fear and social media to convince her audience that the internet can be dangerous. She states that “the speed on these sites can be dangerous, especially when accuracy is a casualty” then uses the example of Reddit identifying the wrong man as a suspect. This is an effective use of pathos because the last thing people want to feel when going online is fear. Egotism is also mentioned and according to Evans “we give ourselves too much credit in general”. This supports her argument because it is better to feel successful due to real life accomplishments and not through social media.
Although social media may have a positive effect on the society, Evans uses her personal experiences, examples, and emotions to communicate its negative effects. She communicates her ideas successfully because not only can her arguments make the reader reflect about the dependence on social media, but also see how it influences those around them. Over the years, people have come to rely too much on social media, and as a result, it will only keep

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