Journal Entry: Importance Of The Skill Of Listening

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Journal Entry 2: Chapters 2 and 3 both discuss how we all need to use categories to effectively function on a daily basis, and that we often do so without conscious thought. For this journal entry, think about your behaviors (both communication behavior and others) over the last few days, and identify two categories that you regularly use when making decisions, forming opinions, etc… For both of these two categories: a) specify what it is, b) discuss how you developed this category, and c) describe a typical situation where you use this category
Stereotype are a piece of my every day to day existence. I generalize things consistently and all over without noticing. Leading me in a circumstance where I make stereotypes for an extensive gathering
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For this journal entry, think about situations where poor listening contributed to a negative outcome of some type. You may either describe a case when you were the person guilty of not listening or when you witnessed another in this situation. You may change names if you wish, but be sure to: a) fully and completely describe the context (who was there, what was happening, etc…), b) specify the actual language that was used, c) describe the immediate result, and d) discuss any long term …show more content…
The advertising for CSU is everywhere. I am told to join the movement through Pandora aids, radio ads and pop-ups when I am online. The theme engage learning is the idea of promoting diversity heavily. Everyone at CSU from students to professors to staff is engaging with each other. The current perception of CSU by the general public is basically a University everyone should attend. CSU come off as open warming environment where you can be yourself no matter. Based on their advertisement there is no negative correlation relating to the engage learning experience at CSU. CSU is a great school in the heart of downtown Cleveland. CSU is seen as an affordable University. The basic highlights of CSU is being a place that you will enjoy going to without a lot of student loans. It offers a college experience to local students who commute. The image CSU is trying to craft for itself to the general public is that this school is acceptable and welcoming to different cultures and individuals from different backgrounds. The main image of CSU is diversity. CSU should try to find more ways to get more students from the city and different backgrounds. They should have more scholarships available to students. They should find ways to engage more in a student life who is struggling instead of taking their finical aid way. CSU should have their teacher staff just as diverse as their student population. CSU need to find ways to improve more local jobs in the communities. For

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