Standardized Terminology Assignment : An Acute Nephrology Nurse

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Standardized Terminology Assignment
As an acute nephrology nurse, I have the pleasure in helping people suffering from kidney disease or abnormal kidney functions. I work with patients who are in acute or chronic kidney failure of all ages. Some of my patients are regulars either because they are staying for months in the hospital or they are constantly admitted to the hospital for the same reason. Having an applicable nursing diagnosis and nursing interventions can provide a great help for good outcomes to all patients especially this particular chronic kidney patient with whom I had my clinical encounter.
Clinical encounter
I still remember this patient who used to come to the hospital with abnormal lab results “high potassium, high blood urea nitrogen, high phosphorus, high creatinine…”, fluid overload with positive edema on all four extremities, and a systolic blood pressure in the 180s to 200s. This patient used to skip his dialysis treatment for weeks and was non-compliant with his blood pressure and phosphate binders medication. In addition, the patient had an arteriovenous fistula which was his access site for dialysis treatment. I used to get multiple clots back into the needles after every cannulation attempt which makes the treatment challenging most of the time. One day I sat at the chair next to the patient and decided to educate the patient about how to manage his chronic disease and maintain his health.
Nursing Diagnosis
Using the NANDA diagnoses definitely…

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