Stakeholder Analysis Of BFC

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Register to read the introduction… Internal stakeholders like employees, owner and maintenance person are required to work together for the growth and sustainability of BFC. Local folks or surrounding people are the main stakeholder of BFC and they also could be the high interested and high influential stakeholders. As a part of stakeholders’ maintenance and relation developing, BFC needs to give high priority to the local customers who can be regular customers. Advertising and leaflet providing can bring more customers and also inform the potential customers about the business. People who are not potential or regular customers, they can be informed about the business through advertisement, as my vision is to be the leading fast food restaurant in Bangladesh. A good relationship between suppliers and BFC can bring an extraordinary service to the customers, as raw materials are the main concern of business that go to customers as finished or cooked product. To run rapid development and business growth, BFC needs have a good negotiation and relationship with its supplier for the profit of both …show more content…
From product level it will have promotional or seasonal offer so to keep the customers buying from BFC. If the product is for certain period then there must be time limitation, objective and target sales.
Kelloggs bench marking: Benchmarking is the process of identifying "best practice" in relation to both products (including) and the processes by which those products are created and delivered. The objective of benchmarking is to understand and evaluate the current position of a business or organisation in relation to "best practice" and to identify areas and means of performance improvement (Tutor2u, 2011).
However, Cornflakes are famous among most part of world because of having the necessary elements that human being needs and also the alternative of other foods. Kellogg aims to deliver healthy and reasonable priced cereals to make the customers understand that they have competitive price and better than other food company in the market. Kellogg aims to make sure that their customers get quality and value product to keep their company’s image steady and ahead of

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