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Quality Management Program

The goal of a Quality Management Program is to improve clinical and organizational outcomes through the systematic design, measurement, and improvement of a practice or organization’s systems, processes, and services.

A Quality Management Program’s Purpose Is To +
Ensure that all the services provided by a mental health, dental, or medical practice, federally qualified health center (FQHC), or mental health center/organization are effective, carried out in the manner in which they were designed, and meet the needs and expectations of patients and stakeholders.

A Quality Management Program Applies To +
All programs, services, and personnel
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Sector One Healthcare Group can assist you in developing and implementing your quality improvement program, including +

• Working with you to assess your current practice standards
• Helping you improve patient outcomes through a systematic, organization-wide assessment and analysis of the practice’s, health center’s or organization’s performance
• Assisting you to improve clinical, financial, and administrative services, and monitor for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness
• Designing processes for you to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements, and consumer and third party payor quality standards in ambulatory care settings.
• Guiding you in the utilization of benchmarking information, risk management principles, and the results of other improvement

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