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StrengthsQuest™ Assignment
For this project you will be completing the StrengthsQuest exercise and then compiling the information and findings comparing your personal strengths with your current job.
Completing the StrengthsQuest™ Assignment
StrengthsQuest™ is a self-assessment tool that will provide you with valuable feedback on your strengths (you will use your findings for this assignment as well as for the NU300 Professional Development Plan).
Completing the StrengthsQuest should take about 45 minutes to finish.
Click on this link to visit the website:
StrengthsQuest™. (2010), Retrieved from https://www.strengthsquest.com/register/default.aspx
Enter the Access Code assigned to you. This information will be posted under the
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*Note: Separate paragraphs should reflect APA formatting rules including: (1) correct indentation; (2) first level headings addressing required components (first level headings are defined on page 62 of your 6th edition APA manual); (3) double spacing; and, (4) correct grammar and punctuation.* Begin below:

Summary of StrengthsQuest findings

I found the StrengthsQuest summary very accurate. When reading the descriptions of each trait, I could immediately see the behaviors in myself. I was surprised that a survey could be such an accurate judge of my character. It was also quite refreshing to have my prominent personality traits described in such a positive manner. While self assurance is a strong point of mine in many situations, given the time for reflection, I am also quite adept at criticizing myself. Being able to see my personality described in the survey has given me a chance to feel more positive about who I am.

Comparison of effective leadership values and StrengthsQuest findings

I believe a great leader is one who will stand up for those that they lead, lead them in troubled times, and provide them with the resources they need to effectively do their job. I do feel I have several strengths that make me an ideal leader. The most important being belief, my willingness to stand my ground for what is right. Next would be self assurance. I am able to withstand a fair amount of criticism

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