My Reflection Of Career Assessments

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Although I had heard about career assessments, I never had the opportunity to take one myself. Therefore, I took great joy in experiencing these activities for the first time. Different career assessments such as the MYERS BRIGGS, True Colors, Values Game, Eureka as well as Strength Quest revealed unique qualities that I often times overlook in my persona. These different assessments contributed to a deeper understanding of my skills and personality. In what follows, I discuss my reactions to the different career assessments that were presented during our class.
Strength Quest. As I went over my Strength Quest, it felt as if I was reading a horoscope. When I shared my results with a close friend, they agree with the themes that
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I have learned that my tendency to stay quiet helps me to play the role of an observant, but at the same it jeopardizes my ability to interact with other people. Thus, I need to be aware about my tendency of drifting away from people in order to connect with others.
True Colors. During the true colors activity, learned that as a yellow member, I tend to follow rules, respect authority and remain focus on the task at hand. When I was paired up with other people who were also yellow and asked to complete an assignment, we were quiet and stuck to completing the assignment in the most efficient and diligent way possible. Other groups with different colors were laughing, cracking jokes and completing the activity close to where time was called. I found this activity to be accurate in how approach different tasks. I do my work as asked without wasting time or disrupting
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As I played this game to we were supposed to decide on a set of values that we purchased with a certain amount of money to bring to an inhabited planet, I found myself having a lot of fun. We approached this activity in a democratic way. We gave every one a chance to voice their opinions on why each value mattered/did not matter to them and then we voted to choose the values that we would take with us to a new planet. I did not find myself suppressing any feelings in this activity. The values we chose were the values I care about as a person: family, love, education and health.
I appreciated the opportunity to participate in this activity because I often times do not get to talk about my values with other people. I recognize that values are important in the career planning process. A career decision-making requires developing self-awareness. Therefore, a person must know what values are important to his/her identify.
COPS. While I enjoyed all the career assessment that I took, I found the Career Occupational Preference System test (COPS) to be gratifying. It not allowed to visualized that multiple occupational traits that I am interested while providing me the opportunity to rank them as I graph them. I also had a lot of fun answering the inventory questions. I found the results to be accurate and representative of the things that I like doing.
Reaction to the

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