My English Class Essay

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This school year I enjoyed this English class because it was not very difficult, but it was not easy at all. This year we did so many assignments and some of them were analyzing poems, emulating poems, writing a theme of a poem, presenting a speech in class and then working as a group to create a chapter.
I believe that I have grown throughout this school year. I have grown as a listener because back then I was not used to listening to poems without having a paper right in front of me. Now I am more comfortable with listening to speeches or poems without having the paper in my hand.
Last year I never enjoyed working with others because it is extremely hard to write with others. I always preferred to work by myself. This year I had no choice
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Since I started writing notes I got used to it and it helps a lot, because you do not forget what happened in the previous chapters. I am now able to notice small details of a story for example when they are using imagery or when something ironic is going on. Last year I would just read the books but I would not really notice the author 's way of writing. Instead I would just read so I could know what the story is about, but know I look at it in a different perspective and can see how different every author …show more content…
I always hated going up and presenting, I still kind of do. Although this year I had no choice so I went up to present. I remember last year I did a presentation but it was nothing compared to this years, because this one had to be long, and you were putting out your opinion which can be intimidating sometimes. The one I did last year in my english class was just about analyzing the story, but the one I had here was different because I got to choose a topic and explain why I believe it is wrong or right. I remember being terrified to go up because I knew that they were going to ask me questions at the end of my presentation. Luckily, I was able to pull through and answer the questions. My presentation was probably like ten minutes and that definitely helped me grow as a speaker because I am not scared to put my opinion out anymore, I also feel that I will not get as nervous if I ever present again. But I am proud of myself because last year I never really participate and I feel that this year I participated more than last year, since I was not as shy. Also I know many students did not enjoy them but I certainly liked the vocab words we had every week. Since I am not that eloquent I enjoyed learning all these words, because I had seen them before but I did not know what they meant. I also enjoyed the vocab words because that is something that I can use for the rest of my life unlike other

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