College Vs High School Essay

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When starting college, many students feel as if they are back in High School again. They go to class, receive a lesson and take notes. Later, they complete homework assignments and tests. Their performance is evaluated using letter grades which, at the end of the term determine whether they pass or fail the course. But that’s where the similarities come to an end. High School and College are very different, it only takes a few weeks for a college freshman to gain first-hand experience and begin to realize it. Due to the differences in classes, personal responsibility, grades, and overall general experience, College is vastly different from High school. When it comes to classes, there are plenty differences worth pointing out. In High School students are forced to take many classes that do not peak their interest, and are limited to selecting only a few electives of their choice. College students take classes based on their …show more content…
First, there are the financial differences. High School is free but mandatory, College is optional but paid. If a college student does not pay their tuition fees, they are dropped from class. They also have to purchase the required books for their classes. This books are often very expensive. There’s also quite a difference in social life. In High School, students normally know their classmates and eventually become friends. In college, students barely know anyone because of large class sizes and because students rarely have any classes in common. Academically, students are completely responsible for their own academic success and there is no longer a parent or teacher pushing them to do their work. High School and College may appear to be similar at first sight, but all the differences in areas such as classes, personal responsibility, grades and overall general experience show that there is a significant difference between the

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