Social Problems Essay

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Throughout our history the Democratic and Republican parties have gone head to head in many social problems. With the amount of trouble our country has been in and the low rate of jobs, economy has become the most talked about social problem between parties. The second most talked about social problem is the military issues. While those two social problems being the most talked about the next one on the long list of problems in our country is gay rights and marriage. However, with no jobs and a hurting country economy is the biggest issue we face today.

The economic ideas the Democratic Party has is favoring minimum wages and progressive taxation, which means higher tax rates for citizens that make more money. On the other hand, the
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It made it difficult for companies to give consumers unfair rate increases, penalties and abusive fees. The Democratic Party has been following the Economic Blueprint with has cut taxes from middle-income families by 1.5 trillion dollars. It has been able to create jobs by using their targeted investments. This has given the economy to cut George Bush’s deficit by almost two-thirds. The Democratic Party has gone back to many strategies that President Clinton used when we were in trouble during his presidency. Overall, it’s not easy to get our country out of the deficit it’s in, but I believe the Democratic Party has being doing the best it can. While the Republican Party is not in term during this next Barrack Obama presidency, it makes it more difficult for them to the things they may want to do to help our economy. However, President Bush’s era of presidency molded our country to be the way it is today.
President Bush was high on military during his presidency. He didn’t have much of a choice after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the world trade center. The Republicans idea of military in the United States is to increase spending, while on the other hand the Democrats want to decrease the spending. Republicans in Congress want to take America back to the ways it was when President Bush was in term. This would not be the right thing to do because that’s what got us into so much trouble in the first

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