Social Problems Of A Social Problem Essay

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A social problem exists when there is some aspect of society that is perceived to be harmful to more than just a few people. Social problems consist of both objective realities and subjective perceptions. Most notably, social problems are relative – one group’s solution may be another group’s problem. Conversely, social issues are concerns that a group of people within a society have regarding accepted norms, or deviations from them. An example of a social issue would be the current trend of athletes choosing to kneel during the national anthem instead of the more traditional norm of standing with a hand on the heart. This paper will identify five of the most pressing social problems facing Americans today; racism, poverty, gun violence, and the disparities in both education and healthcare.
Nearly one hundred years after the 13th Amendment ended slavery in the United States, the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in winning more legal rights for African-Americans with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Even though the Civil Rights Act essentially outlawed discrimination in public places, required the integration of schools and other public facilities, and made employment discrimination illegal, we are still addressing the issues of racism and discrimination in the year 2016. Institutionalized, structural, and systemic racism is more prevalent today than overt individualized racism which is deemed, at the very least, as socially and politically…

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