Social Networks In The Hotel Industry

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Nowadays, technology plays an important role in development of hospitality industry. Information and communication technologies had a great influence on the industry and particularly the Internet caused major structural changes. With a development of Internet, the behavior of travelers while choosing a destination or a hotel changed. Today most of the people are using Internet to find travel related information, plan their trips, and purchase tourism products.
With a development of Internet, social networks became a part of almost everyone’s life. Social media platforms help people to search for travel related information and share their experience with others. To stay up to date, hotels started to engage in social networks. Almost every hotel
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Social network offers media technologies that can facilitate online functionality and monitoring perspectives wherein the data gathered can be used to develop their services for customer satisfaction. (Millicent Achieng’ Arika; Dr. Makori Moronge, 2017). Hotels can stay in touch with clients and always be aware of their needs and wants. Through social networks, hospitality industry can interact with consumers before, during, and after their stay. Moreover, effective use of social networks can increase a number of …show more content…
One main reason can be related to all of the hotels. This reason is visibility. Nowadays it is important to be online, so hotels are following the trend. The second reason to engage with social media is to increase number of direct bookings.
Social media is undeniably important in the modern travel industry. It is a benefit for hotels to use them. No matter is it just to be visible, to get new direct reservations, or to stay in touch with guests and potential clients.
Nowadays before travelling people are searching about destination, hotel, entertainment and related subjects online. Social networks are part of a search engine for travelers. Using a location of a city/hotel/restaurant/ museum person can make an opinion about place, while looking at photos and reading comments and descriptions.
Hotel’s pages on social networks might be very useful for guests. If a page is diverse, only by viewing one page on Facebook, guest can find out about hotel itself, city in which it is located, and events, which are taking, place now. Information on a page might be different and related to many topics connected with hotel and

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