Social Networking Has Hidden Dangers For Teens By Jill Tucker

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Protect Yourself from Social Networking
Nicola Formichetti once said, “ The dark side of social media is that, Within seconds, anything can be blown out of proportion and taken out of context. And it’s Very difficult not get swept up in it all”. In Social media thing get swept out of proportion so we need to protect ourself from this from happening. In the article “ The Dangers of Social Networking” by Robin Olsen Suggest ways on how to protect yourself from social networking. Robin Olsen is computer professional and she worked in the IT for twenty years on different aspect. She gained a lot experience from the outdoor and while she was in the army forces. In the article “ Social Networking has Hidden Dangers for Teens” by Jill Tucker explain the darker side of social media and how it runing people chance of finding a job. In order to protect yourself from social media dont go on every website that not to be truted, post dumb or nude picture, and do not create a social media or it might destroy your life.
To begin with Do not go on sites you know you can’t trust and don’t go on every websites. Robin Olsen explain why you shouldn’t go on every internet sites:
Don’t forget that every websites on the internet has a sysadmin’ and he can see and watch everything on their network. So be sure of it, everything you put on the internet stays on the internet for a least a very long time and it can be viewed by a wide variety of people for many…

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