Social Media 's Effect On Self Esteem Essay

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Due to the invention of smart phones, social media sites are right in the palm of everyone’s hand at any given point of the day, no matter what the time of day it is. As a result, social media use has rapidly increased amongst teens and young adults all around the world. Along with an increase in social media usage in this population, symptoms of depression and low self-esteem have also become more common. Several media outlets have attempted to create a relationship between the rapid increase in social media usage and symptoms of depression and low self-esteem in the world’s young adults. Many researchers have looked into finding a relationship between these three variables and all have found similar results.
Gonzales and Hancock (2011) demonstrated that social media tends to boost self-esteem in individuals rather than lower the user’s self-esteem in their study. For their study, Gonzales and Hancock (2011) split their participants into four groups where some were exposed to computers and mirrors while another group sat in a separate room with no electronic devices. Throughout the study, only two of the four groups had access to their Facebook profiles and a third group was exposed to computers and mirrors, but told they had nothing to do with the study (Gonzales & Hancock, 2011). Results showed that how the participants chose to present themselves on their Facebook profiles increased their self-esteem where the group who had to sit in a room, staring at themselves in the…

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