Social Media, The Web, And Digital Marketing Technologies Essay

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The accessibility of businesses through social media and the web have made many entrepreneurs able to reach consumers worldwide and to conduct business with them. Women have often found themselves underperforming in the workforce and as traditional small business owners in comparison to similarly employed or self-employed men (Han et al., 2012). However, there has been little research investigating the extent to which these new social media, the web, and digital marketing technologies and their strategies benefit women entrepreneurs. Women-owned businesses have profited in comparison to men who employ similar financial strategies. A qualitative study is needed to investigate the use of social media, the web, and digital marketing technologies. This type of research will create a comparison between the various small business as it relates to staying in business after five years of service or longer. This study will examine the effects of these entrepreneurs digital strategy by concentrating on their digital analytical data on similar digital and social media platforms and measuring that data. This study plans to provide data that will help determine profitable small businesses in Florida as it relates to digital, social media and contributing to close the gender gap in small businesses.
Purpose Statement The purpose of this qualitative case study is to explore how women-owned businesses use the financial strategies to increase business in Florida. Establishing a…

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