Kroger Marketing Case Study

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Marketing and Sales:

Clearly identify your company’s Marketing and Sales activities.
Marketing is a Science that identifies its target market by market segmentation and market analysis. It can also add insight to customer purchasing habits. By marketing effectively, it will give your brand position in the market. In many ways marketing is a matching process, that combines the capabilities of a company and the wants of the customer.
• We will focus on cutting costs and using those savings to improve our corporate brands
• We will focus Sampling/Demo events through Discoveries
• Kroger Digital Download coupons
Kroger’s three tier marketing strategy puts Kroger brand products that are produced and distributed in three quality tiers. This strategy allows Kroger to meet the needs of all their customers from different markets. All of Kroger brand tiers are priced to provide their customers large savings on their premium and economy brands.
Kroger offers a wide range of product selections, cooking demos and the sampling of new food products to customers. Events like “Savor the flavor” are geared toward re-igniting their customers interest when it comes to food, by offering original authentic tastes and cuisines of world cultures. By carefully selecting foods and recipes creates a unique party for your taste buds during the instore demonstrations.
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A sought-after market that grows by double digits annually. Many company’s look to take advantage of the mainstream boost to their bottom line, Industry leaders like Kroger are trending in the opposite direction. Kroger aggressively cuts prices to its organic produce products. The idea behind this strategy is that customers won’t always pay the high dollar amount for organic foods. So Kroger is trying to make sure customers are able to purchase quality products at a selling price that’s equal to the nonorganic

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