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This essay examines fashion marketing, and how it relates to business management. Marketing and Marketing strategies help a company become very successful. The better the marketing strategies, the higher the revenue and profit. Findings show that businesses that have fast and efficient marking strategies tend to earn a larger customer following. For example, Zara’s clothing brand is explored and talked about throughout this essay. Zara is a company that takes fashion marketing to an innovative level. Marketing is a technique used strategically to excite and helps educate customers on a specific brand. Also, marketing attracts customers and helps convinces them into to buying an individual product or service. For example fashion brands …show more content…
“The value of marketing can be expressed regarding either effectiveness or efficiency” (Edling 77). A business can measure if their marketing efforts are sufficient because it will be evident if they sell an abundant amount of a product. For example, if Zara had an ad in the December 2016 Teen Vogue that featured a choker necklace, and then the next month they sold out of that choker this proves that their marketing efforts were effective. Marketing is imperative to operate a successful business. Zara markets their brand, as a fashion retailer that is fast and always up to date. For example, Zara creates new collections twice a week, and this is something that makes them unique. Zara promotes their collections as trendy and modern so that they stay relevant to young, and trendy men and women. “A fashion product lives through 4 stages: Market entrance, growth, maturity, and decline. It is observed that consumers distinctly hesitate at the beginning of fashion changes” (Apat, Aksu 68). The stages are critical when it comes to marketing. The fact that Zara is always updated they tend to stay in the growth stage. They are continuously updating their collections, so they continue to see growth and …show more content…
Zara marketing plans focus on diversity and variety. Zara makes sure they keep up with every trend. For example, Zara will have their team members of designer watching all of the fashion week shows, and they next day they will have their sketches already done, and all already began sewing. The fact that they are fast and update in the market keeps them fresh and relevant. Also, the store location helps they have a successful marketing strategy. According to Business insider Zara impressible has opened stores in places such as Hong Kong Twain, the United States, and Macau. People can shop online or in stores. Zara is known for having a lot of options online and in the stores. They have thousands of items posted online. This thought process is amazing because it gives their customer option. This gives the customer’s satisfaction and the store sales, which means they are making a profit. It takes approximately two weeks for the designer to come up with the customer, and then for it to be sold in stores. The fact that Zara markets the way they make them a very successful retailer. For the Zara brand is both the manufacturer and retailer. This business strategy gives them an advantage over other retailers.

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