Internet Marketing For Dummies Case Analysis

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Internet Marketing For Dummies
CPA Marketing Part I
By Tion Philip Terlumun

Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA) marketing is an internet marketing strategy where advertisers pay for a specific actions taken by potential customers. The affiliate who sent the potential customers to the advertiser's webpage is issued a payout, after the potential customers complete the specified action. This action could be anything, from clicking, viewing, buying something or filling out a form. You can earn a lot of small commissions whenever customers through your landing page, complete the actions. If you own a website with good traffic and a niche or you are thinking of setting one up, then it's very simple to monetize using CPA marketing as a tool.
Elements in CPA Marketing
There are certain elements involved in
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What is your experience with internet marketing?
Internet marketing in layman terms is using social media to make money. Here you have to explain in your own words what your experience about internet marketing is.

ii. How many unique visitors do you get on your website/blog per month?
For those of you who do not own a blog or website, it might seem like the end of the road when you come across this question; but you should not be disappointed. It is important you answer this question like so, “I plan to use Cost Per View (CPV) and Post Per Click (PPC) and Post Per View (PPV) to drive traffic to the website you are promoting”. You don’t have to copy exactly as I have written it, try to be creative. You can create a blog using, or; in my next post I would show you how to start a blog using the aforementioned tools.

iii. What sort of offers are you interested in promoting?
It is most important you say you are interested in promoting highly converting offers. Affiliate networks also want to make money and when you promote high converting offers they gain huge sums as well as you do.

iv. Do you have incentive offers on your

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